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Hey! Welcome to my blog!

Hello teacher bloggers, fellow teachers and parents!
Oh for the love of teaching! As teachers I’m sure that at some point we have all thought “Oh for Pete’s sake” or “Oh for the love of all that is holy!” because something in your day has gone completely wrong or the students in your class are driving you bonkers!
As a new educators, my friend Georgia and I have both experienced many moments where were have felt these sayings are quite necessary… SO I decided to create my own little survival guide with Georgia’s help, full of resources and blog posts to help us all get through those tough days… where all you’ll want to say is “Oh, for the love of teaching!”
I hope that you follow along with me as I navigate through the crazy world of teaching, learning and creating new resources as I go! Hopefully I can ease some of your stress and have a few laughs along the way 🙂
Please feel free to comment on any of my posts and resources, I would love to hear your ideas and modify resources to really meet the day to day needs of all teachers.
Love Mel  xx

I am a new educator in my second year of teaching. I have worked with children for five years prior to this in an after school care. I absolutely love teaching and the importance of this career. I believe that every student should be immersed in a safe, supportive, calm environment to aid them in achieving the best outcomes they possibly can!

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