Holiday Fever

Top 5 ways Teachers can relax this summer.

In only three days, here in Australia both students and teachers alike start summer holidays. It is a busy time of year, with Christmas and New Years just around the corner, there’s no doubt that the summer holidays are going to have you running around (not unlike most of the year!) with little time to stop.
Here’s a list of five things you should do to get some YOU time into your school holidays.

1. Read, read, read. 
Reading for us is just about the most relaxing thing we could do. We tell our students about the benefits of reading and it’s true! Reading can take you into many different worlds, this summer read, read for enjoyment.
Find books that are an easy read, something you can sit by the pool with and put little thought into.

Some must reads we recommed from 2017 are:

– For a good cry: If I stay –  By Gayle Forman
– A good girly novel: An abundance of Katherines – By John Green
– Romance/ugly cry: The fault in our stars – By John Green
– Trashy holiday read: Down the rabbit hole – by Holly Madison
– Humerous and light hearted: The wrong girl – By Zoe Foster Blake
– Mystery/heart pounding: In a dark dark wood – By Ruth Ware

2. Schedule (and keep) coffee dates with friends. 
With the days of report writing done and dusted for another year, summer holidays are a great chance to catch up with friends.
Find a new coffee shop and explore new restaurants… take a step out of your comfort zone and full step into relaxation!

3. Take a holiday OR enjoy a Stay-cation!
You don’t need to go on an amazing, expensive overseas holiday (although if you can afford one totally go!).
Grab some friends, plan a little mini trip, go camping (or glamping if you are more like us haha), it doesn’t need to be something huge… JUST FUN!

4. Take up a new hobby or learn a new skill 
(or pick up one that you forgot about!)
I don’t know about you… but throughout the year we
always have the best intention to keep up with goals,
whether it be going to the gym, knitting or doing
some art and craft. The holiday period is a PERFECT
time to pick up a new hobby or take up one previously

Some great hobbies you may like to give a go are:
– Knitting
– If you are near a beach, maybe give surfing a go
– Create your own bullet journal
– Take up an art class
– Get your ZUMBA on… or just have a dance party
   in your living room!
– Try out some new classes in the gym

5. Schedule in some YOU time!I know that from time to time we are both complaining to one another about how exhausted we are and how we wished we had a little bit more of me time… but guess what… NOW WE DO!!!
Use this time to actually relax and take some time for yourself… even though you may have the tempations to over schedule yourself in this busy summer and Christmas period.


How are you planning on relaxing this summer? Leave your ideas for a relaxing holiday in the comments.


Love Mel and Georgia x

I am a new educator in my second year of teaching. I have worked with children for five years prior to this in an after school care. I absolutely love teaching and the importance of this career. I believe that every student should be immersed in a safe, supportive, calm environment to aid them in achieving the best outcomes they possibly can!


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