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Beginning a new term

I have been thinking a lot about this over the last couple of days… how am I going to begin my term? What do I want to focus on? What is going to be best for my students starting of this new term?

I want to start the term off super positive and create a safe supportive learning environment. SO I have been doing a little bit of research about different ways I could achieve this.


These are some ideas that came out of this:


Create a strong classroom community!

I already started building this last term, focusing on the students making connections and relationships with myself and their peers, building and creating ownership of the classroom, as well as showing empathy and care towards each other. However this term I want to focus more on creating an environment where students help and support each other further in their learning.
How am I going to do this?
Well! A few of my ideas are to:

– Do more circle time activities to foster this learning around ‘it is okay to help others!’ I find a lot of my students see their peers in trouble but feel like they may get in trouble if they help them. I want to teach and show them that it is okay to help… but not give answers and discuss this with them.
– Create opportunities for my students to work with other peers, instead of just their friends. This way they can build friendships and relationships with all of their peers in the classroom, creating a positive environment and interactions.
– Provide multiple opportunities for students to work in pairs, small groups and as a whole class. Through doing this I am hoping the students get use to interacting with different students over multiple classes all the time, allowing them to communicate better with others and create a strong classroom community where everyone feels involved.


Share, display and praise student work

We have a lot of artwork around in our room, but not a lot of other work. That is completely on me… but is definitely something I want to change! Last term was extremely busy but this term I want to make sure their writing, math work… ALL pieces of learning, are shared in one way or another. When students see their work and thinking around the classroom, they are more likely to build ownership and more respect for the classroom!



A lot of my students are afraid of failing… I am going to do more work around growth mindset and ‘First Attempt In Learning (F.A.I.L)’! I hope that through having discussion and doing learning around this will help my students in giving everything a go, not being afraid that they won’t get it or be ‘bad’ at it. I feel this will be a really important one to focus on this term!


Conferences and one on one time

I want to give my students more one on one time with me. I am going to set up a schedule in the morning where I can conference with students around different things. This could be reading with them, looking at their writing and them telling me where they would like further help and using that time to do so, or it could be discussing where their next learning goal focus may be!


There are sooo many more ways you could do this and I am sure a lot of you have had the same idea!
What are some things you want to do with your term? Or what other things do you think I could do to create this environment for my students 🙂

Love Mel xx



I am a new educator in my second year of teaching. I have worked with children for five years prior to this in an after school care. I absolutely love teaching and the importance of this career. I believe that every student should be immersed in a safe, supportive, calm environment to aid them in achieving the best outcomes they possibly can!

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