Holiday Fever

Take a break… You deserve it!!

YAY it’s holiday time again!! WOOO!! I’m sure you are all just as excited as I am to get some rest and recover to start next term fresh. However over this time take some time for yourself, take a break… WE DESERVE IT!


For me, term 1 was absolutely crazy and hectic… I constantly felt like I was behind and not on top or ahead. I was always prepared for the day, but I felt that I could have been way more on top of things than I was. But this is okay! It happens to the best of us. If I have learnt anything from this experience, it is that I need to let myself have a break and let go of any pent up stress. So I have decided to write this post to remind myself that no one is perfect and we all need a little R&R… as well as acknowledge every other teacher out there as awesome but also needing a well deserved break!


So we have two weeks and you are probably wondering… What on earth am I going to do with two weeks?!

Well let me tell you some of the things you could do with this time… as well as things I will definitely be doing!



RELAX… Have a sleep in!

Gosh let’s be honest we need it!
Spend a good day resting and letting your body realise you are on holidays and don’t have to ‘GO, GO, GO’.Read a book in bed… Cuddle your partner and have a little nap… Sit down and watch a movie you have really wanted to see during the term… There are so many things you can do, but please remember to take at least one day to just do nothing and relax. That means not doing your washing or vacuuming your house… ACTUALLY RELAX haha trust me I understand how hard that is to do, but it is well worth it!

These holidays I even went and got myself some new (and very cute) pillowcases! I absolutely love them! Makes relaxing just that little bit better!



Go somewhere new

Whether that is to a new restaurant, exploring somewhere new, going to a new beach, or actually travelling somewhere new. Go somewhere you have never gone before and feel some accomplishment of getting out there and doing something. You will thank yourself once the two weeks have finished.
My favourite thing to do with my partner is to find a new beach and take a book that I have really wanted to read of have recently purchased! I love the fact that I can take time to explore with him, as well as actually get some sunlight and catch up on some great reading haha. After a while you get sick of reading things to do with teaching 😛



Exercise… be active

For me on my holidays, I need to keep moving and walking around. I am sure you all know that feeling as we are teachers and are CONSTANTLY on our feet haha. So sometimes when I don’t move around enough in the day I feel super lazy… I found the best way to not feel like this is to exercise! Whether it is just walking around on the beach, walking through a shopping centre, going for a hike or actually going to the gym and doing a class… any of these will make you feel like you are being healthy and active during your day.
I am not going to lie… some days I couldn’t care at all about leaving my bed as I am soooo tired haha but walking along the beach and having a quick swim (if it is warm enough :D) is one of my favourites!



Learn a new skill

These holidays I have decided to pick up a skill I already had… but haven’t really been using in ages! Mostly because I haven’t had the time (I’m sure you all know that feeling). I am getting

back into drawing and art, mainly in the form of bullet journaling!! I have been doing my research on Pinterest to get some inspiration, there are also some really cool Instagram pages you should check out if you are interested in starting your own bullet journal!
Check out: 






It doesn’t matter what the skill is, just try something new! Get that creative spark going, being teachers we all have one…
For me, I like to use my creative spark every day in the classroom, so when it comes time for holidays I get very

bored. Trying a new skill is probably one of my favourite things to do in the holidays!



This may be a small list of things to do, but on your holidays you don’t want a big list! These are YOUR holidays, you should go spend them how you want to.
I hope this blog post helps you and inspires you in your holiday. If you try anything above please comment below and tell me how it went!! I’m super excited to hear about all the exciting things you get up to over this time 😀

Love Mel xx




I am a new educator in my second year of teaching. I have worked with children for five years prior to this in an after school care. I absolutely love teaching and the importance of this career. I believe that every student should be immersed in a safe, supportive, calm environment to aid them in achieving the best outcomes they possibly can!

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