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Oh For the love of teaching!

Hello! I’m Melinda.
I am a 25-year-old first-year teacher, starting my second year and learning all about my class and the struggles of being a new educator. I live in Canberra and have completed my university education and the first year of teaching here. I believe that teaching is all about lifelong learning and I continue to develop my knowledge and resources every day. My beliefs and values are shown through my work and my willingness to give each student the learning and support they need to be successful! My dreams and heart is full of life, teaching and learning alongside my students 🙂

Love Mel xx

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  • Sarah Lovelady

    Lovely photo. I think this is a great initiative Melinda and Georgia. It will provide a professional platform for teachers to engage in discussion and reflection- something we are most often too busy to do!

    I look forward to reading your blog posts and enjoying some light hearted teacher banter- let's face it we all know we need it in our lives.. especially week 10 of term!